"Strategic Management in the Successful Company"
"Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage"
Les Palich, M.B.A., Ph.D.
Terence D. Culling, B. Sc. (Honors)


Seminar Summary:
The methods of decision-making in the present so that future goals are attained are often considered pertinent only in the context of very large enterprises, However, in this, the final Seminar in the Successful Business Principles Course, Participants learn the techniques of strategic management and the use of tools that will enable them to lead their company, whether it is large or small, to be uniquely positioned, competitive and profitable. Emphasis is given to understanding the place of their company within their industry, how to select, implement, and monitor the results of specific strategies for their company, and how to communicate this strategic thinking to others.

About Our Authors:
Leslie E. Palich, M.B.A., Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Management in the Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. His consulting, teaching, and research interests lie primarily in the areas of international diversification strategy and enterprise performance, organizational commitment in multinational companies, logic paradigms and decision making, small business management, and entrepreneurial risk taking. His research has been published in the Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, Journal of Business Research, Long Range Planning, Journal of Business Venturing, and Personnel Psychology. After completing his bachelor's degree, Dr. Palich worked as a college administrator. He later attended Arizona State University to earn an M.B.A. and Ph.D. in strategic management.. Upon graduation he joined the management faculty at Baylor University. He has received outstanding teaching and research awards from both Arizona State University and Baylor University.

Terence D. Culling is founding principal of Interactive Insights and has over thirty years' experience in the Strategic Management, Marketing and IT disciplines in a variety of consulting, sales and marketing roles. For twenty years, Mr. Culling has been a consultant in strategic planning and marketing for both established and early-stage companies including UUNET Canada, CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation), Bell Canada, Home Savings of America, the TransCanada Telephone System, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Companies, Avco Financial Services Commercial Union, and Zurich Life. Mr. Culling’s background includes serving as Vice President of an Internet Technology Incubator advising portfolio companies on strategy and Vice President at an insurance software company where he had responsility for product management, product marketing, advertising, PR and telesales. Mr. Culling was a Co-Founder/Senior Consultant with Group/West, an IT consulting and software company. With over 10 years experience at IBM, Mr. Culling was a Marketing Manager in Large Systems (Government, Education, Medical, Telecommunications, Utilities and Financial Services) where he gained the basis of his IT and marketing proficiencies.

Course Syllabus:

  • Module 1: Overview of Strategic Management
      Introduction to Strategic Management
      External versus Internal Emphasis
      Framework for Overall Strategy
      The Strategic Management Process
      Introduction to the Case Study
      Vision and Business Purpose
  • Module 2: Analyzing External Environments
      Analyzing the Environments
      The General Environment
      The Industry Environment
      Market Analysis: Looking for Opportunities
      The Competitive Environment
      The Value Gap
  • Module 3a: Analyzing the Internal Environment
      Internal Potential
      Activity Chain Analysis
      “SWOT” Analysis
  • Module 3b: The Company’s General Strategy
      Cost Leadership Strategy
      Differentiation Strategy
      Aggressiveness and Growth
  • Module 4: Shaping the Company’s Specific Primary Strategies
      Market Strategy
      Product Strategy
      Marketing and Pricing Strategies
      Production, Distribution and Service Strategies
  • Module 5a: Shaping the Company’s Specific Support Strategies
      Finance Strategy
      Information Technology and Cultural Strategies
      Alliance and Organizational Strategies
      Governance Strategy
  • Module 5b: Communicating the Strategy
      Purpose of the Business Plan
      Business Plan Outline

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