"Successful Marketing Principles" Seminar
Asmara, Eritrea
20-24 September 2004

From Left to Right:

Jerry Batson an accountant for 30 years in government and private practice.

James L. (Jim) Brown worked in the kitchen cabinet industry for thirty five years and held various positions in plant and product engineering, and production and executive management.

Donna Woods- 14 years in Sales Market Operations and Manufacturing; Has worked for American Fortune 500 Companies including Pepsi Co., Quaker Oats, Campbell Soup, and Alcoa.

Charlie Elrod 30 years experience in Sales and Marketing with major consumer package goods companies such as Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson.

Charles McKibben Vice President and Financial Officer of Gilmour Group since 1988. Gilmour manufactures and markets consumer goods for the North American lawn and garden market. Various positions with Vermont American Corporation, including Corporate Controller between 1979 and 1988



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