Successful Business Principles (SBP)

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An Overview

GOAL of SBP: Upon completion of the entire Successful Business Principles (SBP) Course, a participant will be familiar with the all of the management methods required to lead a business that is competitive in the global marketplace. It is normal for certificates to be awarded for completion of each segment of the SBP Course and a diploma to be awarded to those who complete the full SBP Course.

CONTENT: The SBP Course presents practical instruction in the four essential business management disciplines: marketing, finance1, human resources, and strategy2. The principles taught are those which have proven successful in the highly competitive global marketplace. Businesses which aspire to be successful should adopt the principles and the values explained in this Course.

DESIGN: SBP has been designed for participants who are presently owners or managers of enterprises with 5 or more employees. The SBP Course includes four Seminars, one for each of the disciplines mentioned above, and each Seminar is presented over a five-day period. There is a 2-3 month time between each Seminar, and the entire Course is completed in about one year. The Seminars are composed of five modules or units, each teaching a different aspect of the Seminar subject. A module is intended to be presented in four hours or one-half of a day. This allows time for instructors to visit with the participants in their workplaces during the second half of the day.

During the time between Seminars participants meet with a facilitator in small groups to discuss application within their specific businesses of the SBP principles taught in the most recent Seminar.

Furthermore, by limiting the number of participants in an SBP Course to 12-20 and using dialog methods of instruction, participants and instructors gain greater understanding of the material taught and of each other. This increases a participant’s learning and mentoring from the instructors.

AUTHORS AND INSTRUCTORS: Each SBP Seminar has been authored by an expert in the particular discipline and is both up-to-date in its content (e.g., internet applications are presented in all Seminars) and employs "PowerPoint®" technology. The most prominent feature of the SBP Course, however, is that each Seminar is instructed by experienced American business persons who are proven leaders in the global marketplace. Thus the principles presented in each Seminar are illustrated with examples from the experiences of the instructors.

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MATERIALS PROVIDED: There is a Workbook provided to participants with each Seminar. To complete the study of a given subject, participants must answer certain discussion questions found in the Workbooks and attend study groups meetings where they review their answers with others. In so doing, participants discover how to make application to their own businesses of the SBP principles presented in the Seminars. The answering of these discussion questions and the sharing of answers with others takes place in the time between Seminars, and to assist participants and hold them accountable in this phase, study groups of 5-8 participants are formed and facilitated by a leader familiar with the principles taught.

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1 The Finance seminar is featured on this website is the second version and replaces an earlier version entitled “Successful Financial Management Principles-Managerial Accounting.” Information on this earlier version is available by contacting HighMark, Inc.

2 While not a part of the SBP Course, HighMark has available a four-module Seminar on the subject of information technology which may be presented in addition to the four other Seminars. Information about this Seminar is presented in this Overview.


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