HighMark designs programs and develops materials used in the mobilization of businesspeople who present practical business education in developing economic areas.

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  1. To mobilize thousands of American business persons who will share their skills, experiences, and life values and thereby instruct others in principles of business leadership.
  2. To see lives and nations transformed through the impact of successful businesses, built on the principles taught.

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HighMark has developed a set of materials collectively entitled the Successful Business Principles Course. These materials have been especially designed to train managing directors of small to medium-sized for-profit businesses (e.g., having between 5 and 500 employees.) HighMark maintains dialogue with persons and organizations, both in the United States and abroad, who have interest in either instructing or learning business management methods which have proven successful in the global marketplace.

When HighMark becomes aware of a desire to either learn or instruct these methods, it establishes an agreement with groups of qualified American business persons who voluntarily serve as instructors of the Successful Business Principles Course. Under the terms of this agreement, HighMark provides materials and consultation to these American business leaders (formed into teams of 3-5 persons) who subsequently instruct the Successful Business Principles Course, typically in nations outside the United States.

HighMark's services include provision of workbooks and slide presentations for use in the Course along with instructions for teaching these materials, instructions for the logistical facilitation of the Course in the host country, and general travel preparation instructions for the teams.

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HighMark's Successful Business Principles Course:

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Provides training in essential business disciplines:

  • To be taught to leaders of existing, small to medium-sized, for-profit businesses
  • Emphasis on the practical application of management principles essential to success
  • Presented in a non-formal manner that fosters learning and the building of relationships between participants and instructors

Successful Business Principles Course is is comprised of four separate but coordinated and sequential seminars:

  • Each seminar focuses on a single business discipline
  • Each seminar is divided into five modules of instruction and each module is designed to be taught in four hours. Assuming one module is taught daily, each seminar can be presented over a span of five days
  • Seminars are spaced approximately three months apart so that the entire Successful Business Principles Course is presented over a twelve month period
  • Between seminars, participants meet together in study groups with a facilitator at which time they consider application of the management principles to their individual enterprises

More than 250 Successful Business Principles seminars have been presented in 50 different cities located in 29 nations.

Seminar Workbooks and PowerPoint® presentations have been translated into 14 languages including French, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin.

The seminars in the SBP Course are:

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Tax Exemption:

HighMark, Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable and business education corporation, founded in 2000.

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